Building A Mansion

A construction site is full of hazards. While everyone is advised to have the safety equipment necessary to keep them safe, it is your duty as the owner of the building to also ensure that all workers are provided with information and equipment needed to maintain their safety. We explore the measures that you should take to ensure that your construction site is safe for all workers.

What is height safety and why is it important?

These are measures taken to protect workers who are working above ground from accidental falls. Height safety involves the use a fall arrest systems such as guard rails, lifelines, safety nets, full body harness and anchorage system. The fall arrest system ensures that in the case of a slip, the worker does not fall to the ground but is instead suspended above ground and therefore avoids the occurrence of serious injuries as a result of a fall. It is good to note that the suspended worker must be recovered on time as suspension may also lead to mental injuries.

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Why is safety important when building a mansion?

Construction sites are prone to accidents of all sorts and intensities. A seemingly minor accident may lead to devastating financial losses as a result of treatment and legal costs. Safety measures are meant to reduce the probability of occurrence of injuries as a result of accidents. Different site accidents may also lead to death of personnel which may lead to trauma on existing employees as well as the people who may reside in the mansion in future.

In most jurisdictions, safety is also one of the requirements for acquisition of different construction licenses. Without instituting the necessary and stipulated measures, the construction activities could be stopped temporarily or permanently. Safety also includes maintenance of adequate security measures for both materials and individuals working on site. Security has an added advantage in that it may also minimise the chances of losing materials to theft either by staff members or other parties. A security system may also come in handy when accidents occur as it may help identify whether it was merely an accident, employee mischief and lack of consideration for safety measures put in place and whose fault it might have been, if any.

Safety equipment and items needed when building a mansion

All workers must be provided with eye safety gear, a full body harness when working above ground, industrial gloves, fire extinguishers, a well-equipped medical kit, heavy duty helmets, safety shoes, masks and ear plugs. Other safety measures include proper lighting in all dark areas, proper signage on dangerous spots which is especially important for non- construction workers, use of bright clothing and reflector jackets.

The cost of safety equipment and gear is minimal compared to the financial and legal implications that may come about due to non-compliance. Your priority as the owner of the construction site is to ensure that everyone remains safe at all times. Besides providing the equipment, it is prudent to ensure that all construction workers are trained on the use of different equipment to promote proper usage round the clock.