Family Affair- Moms, Dads, Parenting, and Babies 

After working tirelessly, becoming financially sound, and living in with your loved one, people often decide to procreate or adopt a child. Starting a Family is another big decision that couples make mutually. It throws into the lives of people a whole new role, which is entirely different from what they have ever experienced.

The labor of childbirth or the wait for adoption, parenting children, and raising them is a beautiful experience. The ever-changing world now emphasizes equality and equal opportunity. Indeed, the Dads and Moms of the new age take up a humongous task, as it takes a toll to balance work life with family life.

Painstaking parenting:

In turn, the babies grow and develop and eventually start to walk on their own two feet as their brain development, as they start to talk and learn, the biggest task of parenting kicks in. Parents act as a medium of communication between the world and the child and eventually foster them into becoming independent. The early stages of development are crucial in molding the child’s character and, therefore, involve continuous working in this direction. 

The child is imbibed with moral values. The school is not the only place where the child is educated, and hence, parenting forms the biggest and the most intricate part of having a Family. Sitting in the living room, eating together, strolling with best stroller organizer or talking on the phone around the child, it is all to be done with utmost care as the child grasps and learns easily from the surroundings. The parents should ensure that they provide the child with a good nurturing environment and teach him all the values to make him a good human. 

Children are highly dependent on their parents for everything, and therefore, parents should give them the required attention. Both the parents should spend appropriate time with their children and ensure they give them a positive outlook at life. They should take up endeavors, such as playing sports together, going out, sharing a laugh, guiding them through various decisions, encouraging participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. They should talk to their child about their day, meet their teachers for their report, get them vaccinated, ensure that the child eats healthy, and is active, socially and physically, and support them in their passion.  

Ceaseless developments:

The transitioning of life from being a non-parent to a parent burdens a person with many duties. Traditionally, starting a Family was considered an important and the last phase of the worldly life, but it is another step in entering a different life. The child enters into his/her teens and goes through a rebellious phase before finally becoming a mature and independent adult. The cycle of life then repeats.


The joy of having a family is incomparable, and although the scrupulous hard-work employed and hardships faced might seem painful and tiresome, yet it is all worth the effort and more. The sacrifices of a mother and father are far too extensive, and they consequently bear fruit. Procreation of a child and raising it is fascinating and indeed a big and a pleasant decision.